Wednesday, April 18, 2012


For the final project in Visual Communications II, we were asked to create our own independent project in which we will learn about a program of our choice. The programs that could be chosen from were allowed to choose from Adobe Ilustrator, Photoshop, AutoCAD, SketchUp + Plugins, or Rhino.

I chose to use Photoshop because I had the least experience with this program and was also advised by Stephanie to use InDesign to create a booklet of my findings.

In Photoshop, I explored "actions" which is a feature that allows you to record adjustments to a particular image, no matter how many, and apply all of the changes to another image with simply the click of a button. It is a means of saving time and maintaining consistency throughout a project.

Here is the final presentation that I put together for my class. In the next post, I will post the pages of the experimentation booklet I created in InDesign.

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